Introduction Edit

Codwell is the westernmost province of Jasqueton as well as the second-biggest. It has the highest ratio of humans to other races of all the three provinces, but also has Jasqueton's largest dwarven population.

The area was first colonized by human settlers of Northe roughly seven hundred years ago. The first human settlements in the area included Quill, Northeshore, Mayer's Bay, and Abbey.

About two decades later, more human settlers from Quecais landed at the eastern tip of Codwell, settling into Mystechant as well as other settlements which later became the city of Délta Pláse.

The two human groups eventually clashed around what is now Alleypocks in the creatively-named Battle of Alleypocks due to cultural and ideological differences. An agreement was eventually settled, splitting what is now Codwell into the nations of New Quecais and Saxon.

Around three hundred years ago the opposing nations decided to abandon conflict and agreed to control somewhat autonomous separate regions on each half of the greater Codwell province. Nowadays, the two states have much better relations with each other.

Notable Cities / Settlements Edit